Monday, December 30, 2013

Goal 96 - Teach Maddison to Ride a Bike (2008)

One of the reasons that I decided to share my life with a child was the joy of teaching children new skills. I have often coached kids sporting teams and find it a rewarding use of personal time. It is amazing to help people grow through experiential learning, and to see the beaming as they progress through "I can't" to "Did you see that?" The individual proudness is the same for a child who is 3 or an adult.

Last Christmas the child care centre raffled a bike, and each afternoon Maddison laid herself down by the bike with tears, expressing an immense desire to own. So the Christmas gift list changed from swing set to bike. Although this year I was onto the fact that we should not leave it until Christmas eve to assemble, and especially not with several glasses of alcohol to aid. It usually results in ice packs!

So we all eagerly rushed to the lounge room last year, only to find that the bike was loved and adored, but supposedly it was "Too big for me". After 10 months of trials, we are now officially away and riding like a demon. We are also in love with our bike helmet, and it is a regular on the swing, down the slide or even sitting in the supermarket trolley. It will only be another six months I can go back to jogging, at the little one can ride feverishly along beside me. Six months after that, and we can both be riding together, very cool.

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