Monday, December 30, 2013

Confidence (2011)

The temptation of the new wheels was calling, and the youngster was keen to get out in the world and give the new bike a spin.  Mummy on the other hand had a list of things to do a mile long, and people arriving later in the day.  So I set about reconfiguring the list into must have's and nice have's.  After a few minutes, I had an idea.  Really all I needed for the evening dinner was some cream, and the rest of the groceries could be done later in the week.  A ride down to the service station and we could pick up cream, and save around two hours in travel time.
Easy motoring!

Backpack and helmets on, pillions loaded onto the bike and we are away.  Unfortunately for us, the smiles lasted about a minute before we encountered downhill number one!  Small moment of panic from the child, and leaping mother dismounts her own bike just in time to catch the rocketing youngster.  Then onto a flat section, where joy beings to emerge.  I am course brimming with pride and finally out in the world doing big people activities with the little one, sport in the sun, ah life is great.

Less than five minutes later, more pride, our first spill!  No band aid required and some quick dusting off and we were away again.  Small moment of realisation from the pair of us about the geography of our suburb, it is full of hills.  Not such a great place for learner, but we are committed to the journey!  The next hour is all about yelling from the small one, and return fire from the big one.  It is a journey of inner discovery for the pair of us.  I learn that the small one has my genetic bad temper, and has not had the advantage of 30 years of life experience, and is therefore unable to control the rage that spills out.  She learns that not everything in life is easy, and this bike riding will require patience, some moments will be awesome, and some will be just hard work.  An example of our dialog;

"This is a slow bike. Why did you buy me a slow bike?"
"It is not the bike, it is your legs, now pedal."
"Maybe next time you will not bring the whole family, as you have to pedal them too."

As we broach the top of the hill I can finally see the darn service station.  It feels like it has been relocated to the next state, but we are almost there.  What feels like a quick trip in the car, is actually be 4.6 km, or 9.2 km on a round trip...OMG what have we done!! 

The child removes feet from the peddles and announces that she is now finished this ride for the day. Skilled negotiating mum throws out that I am sure the service station will have an ice cream to help with those energy levels.  Now at this point, I am thinking of my health kick and maybe a Frosty Fruit or something like that.  The child has had her own internal vision and the feet snap back to the peddles and we make it to the half way point.  As Tim from the Demtel advertising channel announces...But wait there's Frosty Fruit here mum, I am having the White Magnum little number.  Bugger the health kick, I am not watching the kid eat a White Magnum!

I will spare you the details on the return leg, but it was fairly similar to the first half.  About two hours to finish the journey, may have been quicker to drive to the park and pickup the cream on the way home!

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