Thursday, December 26, 2013

No More Hole

It is funny, I tend to plan most things in life, and if it is not in the plan at that moment well it usually doesn't get done.  I have an ability to block it out and focus on what is to be done now, not later.

I bought the block of land back in 2000, and the house went on first, then later the pool.  The landscaping activities have tended to focus on the front of the property first, and then work backwards.  I guess I thought that people would come in the front first, so best to start with making an impression there.

But in the back yard there are a couple of holes.  Well not the sort that you would put a foot in, maybe a football team.  There is one that I have mowed around for 13 years, often stood over with the brush cutter and prayed that nothing would rush out at me!

With some left over soil from the pool renovations, I thought I should put it to good use.  After the lawn grows through, there will be no more mowing around the hole!  And with the pool decking in, the brush cutting has been significantly reduced.  Pretty soon I will have nothing to do, and loads of time on my hands.....big problem that!


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