Monday, December 30, 2013

Moreton Bay Bike Ride (2012)

What is not to love about this as a scenic ride? A pleasant Sunday afternoon 10 km ride.  Of course I will be in super big trouble for multi tasking whilst riding :-)  We found this journey on the Council website, and it was rated as an easy ride.  Lucky for us we have two more to explore, both longer in length and harder in the rating. 

 At least with another rider, there certainly was some interest in maintaining a competitive advantage when we were in front.  I wish I had worked this out on the ride out, as it gets harder to pull the growing child along, after all we are now a big 7. 

Clearly from the photo below, the half way mark was celebrated with food, situation normal with this child.  Hook into all the food in the day, and hope like hell you are still full enough to pass on any main meal served at the dinner table later that day!  We are also now having teeth drop at a rate of knots, and we are missing both front teeth.  Interesting that it is still possible to eat an apple, although it does take much longer!

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