Sunday, December 29, 2013

Financial Independence Update

After having a horrendous error on our holiday plans, we are back at home after only a couple of nights away.  The child is laying on the couch with the bucket, and I am thankful for the time at home during this period.  There is something about being at home that is the centrepiece to maintaining my balance, especially in times of trouble.  And this year has surely had more than its fair share of bumps with work and relationships.

Enjoying some quiet alone time, I have escaped to my office.  I began to catch up on the numerous emails piling in my inbox.  I stumbled across this article  Whilst I haven't read the book, I did set about some research on the flexscore concept.  After manipulating some of the data for non American residents, I will have to ignore the rating review against my peers, as I am really not sure if Alaska was similar to my current demographics!

Although Microsoft stopped supporting Money, I still use it.  The share update feature no longer works, but it tracks all transactions in my accounts in a perfect manner for me.  So filling in the details to create my dashboard was fairly easy.

My flexscore turns out to be 613.  Impressive?  Not really sure!  But the concept of having a score of 1000 for financial independence means that 613 would appear to be inline with my tracking system.  So for now I am comfortable with the number!

The really cool thing is the action dashboard on what to do to improve your score.  I can hear some rustling in the lounge, so it is obvious that despite the forlorn expression, the only death today is that of three of our chickens that have not survived the 35 degree heatwave.  Very sad day, and our last surviving member is looking very lonely.


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