Thursday, December 26, 2013

Kayaking Outing

After 18 months of dating, I thought we could celebrate the day with an outing the partner would surely enjoy!  A session of kayaking up the Brisbane river.  Despite it's brown colour and local inhabitants of fairly sizeable bull sharks, we took the plunge regardless.

The brochure said kids over 8 were welcome, cool we fit that criteria.  But I was slightly concerned over the single kayaks and having to paddle oneself.  No problem, there is a rope, so you can simply tow the little darling.  Well at this point the little darling has departed and left some independent evil troll.  Although clearly lacking in any sort of body strength, skill or coordination, the mere embarrassment at being towed up the river by your Mum was too much to bear.

This is where the romantic trio parted ways and left the two of us to fend for our selves.  The troll did have some solo time during the couple of hours, and surely enough to earn herself her very own big girl blister!

Not exactly a day that went according to plan, but oh well, at I hope I score points for trying.

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