Monday, December 30, 2013

The Lost Art - Bike Riding (2011)

It seems that kids of today have certainly embraced the information age. My youngster spends travel time and wait times learning the alphabet and reading on our iPad, she is a dab hand at digital television, dvd's, the laptop and a nintendo DS, all at the age of 5. It is little wonder that many of our primary school children have little desire to bike ride.

In our house we strive to maintain balance, so weekends have structured time for inside and outside time. At 3 there was serious scooting around on the back deck, although training wheels were affixed. Training wheels are off, and spider has moved into web around the inanimate object.

Santa then stepped in with the tag-along bike, and we had some positive outings. Unfortunately the Queensland weather patterns have been stinking hot or flooding! The weekend did hold some of my most favourite activities. A leisurely drive up north, a big breakfast, fantastic weather and a ride along the water edge. Despite the pleas from home on not taking the bike, and some small moment of resisting the desire to pedal, we were away in no time, and thoroughly enjoying ourselves. Awesome family day out.

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