Thursday, December 26, 2013

It's December

There was much excitement on the 1st of December, the child busted out the decorations as soon as she could.  Despite my hatred of hanging all the decorations around the house and the tree, this appears not to be a genetic condition! 

Thankfully as she gets older, I tend to do less and less decorating.  It is a perfect team because come the 1st of January, I will be bounding around with equal enthusiasm, tearing the stuff down and whipping those boxes away!

Now this Christmas obsession runs deep, it also extends to Christmas music, so for the next few weeks we are bound to have carols running at home before breakfast, in the car to school, home from school, and even during dinner if she can get away with it!  Despite all my bah humbug, it is impossible to be around Christmas music and not have it radiate into your mood.  No doubt I will be singing along.


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