Monday, December 30, 2013

Family Biking Trip (2011)

It appears that progress on the learning to ride a bike goal has been stalled. Any attempt to remove training wheels has been stonewalled by the child. So Santa has dropped in a tag-a-long bike.

After the construction phase was completed, we set out on our first ride. I should not be surprised that the talking from the back did not break in stride with the new activity. The outing was coasting along fine, until Fi-Fi made a break from her owner, and despite looking like the Christmas cheer was upon her, made a sterling effort at bounding along whilst barking her head off. The owner who was also displaying the same signs of indulgence decided that the ignorant dog was not going to return, and also made a dash for it.

Maddison was shrieking in joy at Fi-Fi joining us on the ride, and stopped pedalling from the back, and instead reverted to a paw by paw commentary on how close Fi-Fi was on the approach. I started to panic thinking that if the dog latches on, this could be the end of the bike riding concept. Despite the upcoming hill, I took off at a cracking pace, determined to out run the bloody dog. This scene continues for another minute, hill takes hold, and pulse rockets to 900. We did finally outrun Fi-Fi, and meandered down to the local park for a play, whilst Mummy tried to recover from the burning legs.

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