Monday, December 30, 2013

Definition of Emergency (2011)

Well the new bike is a treat, it was picked out from across the road whilst in the car.  Simply sold on a basket!  Upon closer inspection, it comes with the essentials of training wheels and a bike seat for dolly!

After a small stack in the driveway, where one's bottom was injured as much as the pride, we are off and racing around the back deck.  When all of a sudden the child is standing, flapping the arms like an impersonation of a albatross in flight.  There are screams of "This is a REAL emergency".  I casually stroll out to the scene, and am promptly told "Dolly has a spider on her head".  Now I am not fond of spiders so I did have a quick look, and a lot of relief when the spider was as big as a freckle!

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