Monday, December 30, 2013

Goal 96 - Teach Maddison to Ride a Bike

Trekking back through the archives, we appear to have been at this bike riding caper for at least four years, and I have transferred a few of the older posts for your happy reading!

The youngster is well and truly too big for her current bike, including the training wheels that are welded on!  So Santa set about a new bike this year, even though it was not on the list!

It has been a few days now, I am determined not to push the issue.  Today whilst roaming the back yard I put the swing set out of bounds.  It is wooden and constructed in 2008, and with the velocity of an eight year old in full flight, well it looks like a dangerous option.  As I headed off to the lawnmower, Maddy headed off to find this new bike contraption.  I yelled out to see if I could help, but I got a head shake!

After watching the episode this morning in the back yard, I have some idea about how my frustrated my Mother may have been.  There was a steely face of determination for at least 30 minutes.  There were stacks and tears, and throwing down the sturdy framed mountain bike.  Despite all of this she refused to have any help.  Thanks to all those reading who know me, yes I am a stubborn individual and the little apple has not fallen far from the tree!

At the conclusion of the mowing, I did venture over to provide some assistance.  There was frustration from both of us, some raising of the voices and some stomping off by both parties.  After four years, this bike riding caper is surely not coming easy for either of us.  But we will continue to practice as there was an intention of returning to NZ at the end of this year, and the holiday does come with a cycle leg!


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